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Non Line of Sight Wireless

Internet Products

Wireless Service Products
Price/MonthDownload SpeedUpload SpeedProduct Description
$29.99512 kb/s128 kb/sBasic - Best Effort
$39.991.0 mb/s512 kb/sStandard
$49.992.0 mb/s768 kb/sEnhanced
$69.993.0 mb/s3.0 mb/sPremium
$89.996.0 mb/s6.0 mb/sSupreme
$75.00One time (non-recurring) Wireless Service Installation Charge

Features Included with Wireless Service

  • @kqva.net e-mail address (this is optional and may be requested)
  • Secure access to e-mail via web portal, or through e-mail client.
  • Four (4) additional child or subordinate e-mail accounts.
  • Twenty (20) aliases (synonyms) per e-mail address (for up to 120 aliases).
  • 24x7 Technical Support.

Optional Services
$5.00E-Mail Only Account
$20.00Public static IP address
$15.00Additional public static IP addresses

Note: Each service listed is available to both residential and business customers depending on availability. The availability of any individual wireless product is dependent on a variety of factors including terrain, natural and man-made obstacles, line of sight availability, and distance from the towers providing service.